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The first website in Azerbaijan, created in 1995

Place of Birth: Ganja city, Azerbaijan
Date of Birth: 03.01.1964
Education: Biological Department of the Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree:

Doctor of historical sciences, candidate of biological sciences

Speciality code and title for doctoral dissertation:

07.00.09 - historiography, source study and methods of historical study

Total number of scientific publications: 137, 9 books
Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 61
Main scientific achievements:

As a result of study of Arabic, Persian and Turkish manuscripts of the 10-18th centuries the concept of health protection in the medieval Azerbaijan has for the first time been identified and studied. For the first time, 724 species of medicinal plants, 150 species of animals, 115 species of minerals used in medicine of medieval Azerbaijan have been identified and classified. A list of these species has been prepared. The identified species of plants have for the first time been classified according to modern classification system. There were identified 866 types of medicines with complex composition described in medieval sources. It was revealed that 256 species of identified medicinal plants are not use in the modern scientific medicine

Titles of main five scientific publications:
  1. Alakbarov F.U. Medicinal Plants Used in Medieval Azerbaijan Phototherapy. //Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy, vol., 1(3) 2001, pp.35-49

  2. Alakbarov F.U. Medicinal Properties of Cannabis According to Medieval Manuscripts of Azerbaijan. //Journal of Cannabis Therapentics, vol.1(2) 2001, pp.3-14

  3. Алекперов Ф.У. Тысяча и один секрет Востока. (2 vol), Баку, Турал, 2001, 505c.

  4. Alakbarov F.U. Aromatic Herbal Baths of Ancient. Herbal Gram, //Journal of the American Botanical Council, #57, pp. 40-49, 2003

  5. Алекперов Фарид. Животные, применявшиеся в традиционной медицине средневекового (X-XVIII вв) Азербайджана. "Asclepios". International Annual of History and General Theory of the Medicine (Sofia, Bulgaria). Vol.XVI, 2003, c.183-189

Educational activity:

Futurology University, Baku, History of medicine course (1994-1995), Botany course (1994-1995)

Position: Chief of Department
Place of work and its address: National Academy of Sciences, The Institute of Manuscript named after Fuzuli, Istiglaliyyat str., 8, Baku, Az1001
Office phone: (994 12) 4923189
Home phone: (994 12) 5380089
Mobile phone: (994 50) 3402548